Departures: Singular Journeys

by Janean Flowe

As cooler temperatures give way to the warmth of spring, it reminds me of how the changing seasons often mirror the incredible variety this world provides. There is a uniqueness not only with every destination, but in the way we experience it as travelers. For example, during a family trip to Santorini, Greece, some of my favorite memories were our casual strolls along cobbled streets, savoring grape leaves and sampling wine from local vendors. My son enjoyed visiting one beach in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Same trip, different perspectives.

Many of the articles in this issue of Traveler really seem to speak to the varied ways we can explore destinations. Whether we prefer to fully immerse ourselves in a city during a cruise excursion, drive independently along the storied roads of Ireland, or choose an island to match our style in Hawaii, these pages teem with curated journeys available through our AAA preferred travel partners.

From experiencing the colors and scents of The Netherlands’ Keukenhof tulip festival to enjoying a meal in the kitchen of a local in Sri Lanka, Holland America Line’s new EXC Tours are designed to help you experience the world in more intimate ways. See our feature article “A Feast for the Senses” on page 18.

For 50 years, Brendan Vacations has shared their home country of Ireland with millions of travelers. Our feature “Ireland’s Endless Charms” (located on page 8) highlights all the ways you can explore the Emerald Isle with tours tailored perfectly to you.

If you’re seeking a tropical escape, but not sure what will suit you best, our “Hawaii for Every Style” article (page 12) matches your interests with the island that has what you want most in a vacation. Want to discover an island further afield? Consider an escape to Greece, and let our “Idyllic Islands” highlight on Crete on page 32 inspire you. With its historic sites, pristine beaches and delicious local cuisine, there’s so much to soak up on this stunning island.

Ancient, intriguing and exotic are just a few adjectives to describe one of the world’s oldest destinations — Egypt. This captivating country is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists, and you’ll understand why when you read “Exploring Egypt” on page 24. Equally enchanting, Morocco’s historic landmarks, awe-inspiring landscapes and hospitable locals made it an easy choice for our “Because Someday” column on page 3.

Each of us is unique. Though we may have similar interests and commonalities, our travel experiences often reflect our individuality. We hope this issue compels you to seek new adventures and live out your own distinct travel story. Your AAA Travel Agent can help you begin!

          — Sarah Henshall, Vice President, Travel & Branch Operations

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